1927/28 (1St) Writing

Year1927/28 (1st)1927/28 (1st)1927/28 (1st)1927/28 (1st)1927/28 (1st)1927/28 (1st)1927/28 (1st)1927/28 (1st)1927/28 (1st)
NomineeAlfred CohnAnthony ColdewayBenjamin GlazerLajos BiroBen HechtGerald DuffyJoseph Farnham[NOTE: This award was not associated with any specific film title.]George Marion, Jr.[NOTE: This nomination was not associated with any specific film title.]To Charles Chaplin, for acting, writing, directing and producing The Circus.[NOTE: The Academy Board of Judges on merit awards for individual achievements in motion picture arts during the year ending August 1, 1928, unanimously decided that your name should be removed from the competitive classes, and that a special first award be conferred upon you for writing, acting, directing and producing The Circus. The collective accomplishments thus displayed place you in a class by yourself. (Letter from the Academy to Mr. Chaplin, dated February 19, 1929.)]
Additional InfoThe Jazz SingerGlorious Betsy7th HeavenThe Last CommandUnderworldThe Private Life of Helen of TroyTrue Grit {'Mattie Ross'}John WilliamsHal Roach (production company)


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