1935 (8Th) Music (Scoring)

Year1935 (8th)1935 (8th)1935 (8th)1935 (8th)
CategoryMusic (Scoring)Music (Scoring)Music (Scoring)Music (Scoring)
NomineeCaptain BloodThe InformerMutiny on the BountyPeter Ibbetson
Additional InfoWarner Bros.-First National Studio Music Department, Leo Forbstein, head of department (Score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold) [came in 3rd]RKO Radio Studio Music Department, Max Steiner, head of department (Score by Max Steiner)Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio Music Department, Nat W. Finston, head of department (Score by Herbert Stothart) [came in 2nd]Paramount Studio Music Department, Irvin Talbot, head of department (Score by Ernst Toch)


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